Sergey Diachkovsky

Alexander Pushkin, Valery Bryusov

The Moscow Sabbat in two parts with one exposure

William Shakespeare

Fyodor Dostoevsky. Concertbutnotaconcert

Ivan Turgenev. After Ivan Turgenev’s novella “Spring Freshets”

Mikhail Bulgakov. A mystification in two parts, text redacted by the theatre

Molière. Comedy in 3 acts

Théophile Gautier. A romantic composition in 2 acts based on the eponymous novel

Meir Shalev. Several topics from the novel “As a Few Days” presented in four meals

Leo Tolstoy. A stage composition of the novella by Leo Tolstoy.

Alexander Volodin

After the short story by Nikolai Gogol “Diary of a Madman”

George Bernard Shaw

Ivan Bunin. Composition after novels by Ivan Bunin “Heinrich”, “Riverside Inn”, “Natalie”, “Madrid”

Bertolt Brecht. The Trials and Mistakes project

Olga Mukhina

Boris Vakhtin. A performance created on the basis of Boris Vakhtin’s novel

Eugene Ionesco

Alexander Pushkin

Boris Ryzhy. A musical journey from Yekaterinburg to Moscow and back, non-stop

Prosper Mérimée. fatal mishmash

Yuly Kim. A musical composition in two parts, after William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”

Osip Mandelshtam. A Novella. In the Trials and Mistakes project.

Vladimir Sirin (Nabokov). An aesthetic offering of art to reality

Jean Giraudoux. Revived stage production by P. Fomenko

Mikhail Shishkin. Scenes and improvisations based on the novel “Maidenhair”

Alexander Vampilov. Cinema performance

Molière. The Trials and Mistakes project

Alexander Pushkin. Composition of the poem “Count Nulin,” the poetic drama “The Stone Guest,” and a scene from “Faust”

James Joyce. A theatrical narrative of the novel in three parts

Fridrikh Gorenshtein. A Play in Two Acts and Four Scenes

Leo Tolstoy. Scenes from the Novel

Gabriel Garcia Marquez. After the play “Diatribe of Love Against a Seated Man”

Alexander Ostrovsky. A Drama in Four Acts with an intermission

Alexander Ostrovsky. A comedy in five acts

Nikolai Gogol


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