Molière. Comedy in 3 acts

Bertolt Brecht. The Trials and Mistakes project

Prosper Mérimée. fatal mishmash

William Shakespeare

Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin. phantasmagoria in 11 acts with a prologue, intermission and afterword. Based on the eponymous novel. 2015 – Year of Literature in Russia Opus № 50

Fyodor Dostoevsky. Concertbutnotaconcert

Ivan Turgenev. After Ivan Turgenev’s novella “Spring Freshets”

Mikhail Bulgakov. A mystification in two parts, text redacted by the theatre

Anton Chekhov — Brian Friel

Meir Shalev. Several topics from the novel “As a Few Days” presented in four meals

Leo Tolstoy. A stage composition of the novella by Leo Tolstoy.

Alexander Volodin

After the short story by Nikolai Gogol “Diary of a Madman”

George Bernard Shaw

Ivan Bunin. Composition after novels by Ivan Bunin “Heinrich”, “Riverside Inn”, “Natalie”, “Madrid”

Olga Mukhina

Boris Vakhtin. A performance created on the basis of Boris Vakhtin’s novel

Eugene Ionesco

Alexander Pushkin

Boris Ryzhy. A musical journey from Yekaterinburg to Moscow and back, non-stop

A Dance Performance

Yuly Kim. A musical composition in two parts, after William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”

Osip Mandelshtam. A Novella. In the Trials and Mistakes project.

Vladimir Sirin (Nabokov). An aesthetic offering of art to reality

Jean Giraudoux. A Reconstruction

Mikhail Shishkin. Scenes and improvisations based on the novel “Maidenhair”

Luigi Pirandello. Unfinished myth about art in four instants

Nikolai Gumilyov

Alexander Vampilov. Cinema performance

Jean-Baptiste Molière. The Trials and Mistakes project

Anton Chekhov

Alexander Pushkin. Composition of the poem “Count Nulin,” the poetic drama “The Stone Guest,” and a scene from “Faust”

James Joyce. A theatrical narrative of the novel in three parts

Fridrikh Gorenshtein. A Play in Two Acts and Four Scenes

Leo Tolstoy. Scenes from the Novel

Gabriel Garcia Marquez. After the play “Diatribe of Love Against a Seated Man”

Fyodor Dostoevsky. Text redacted by the theatre

Alexander Ostrovsky. A Drama in Four Acts with an intermission

Alexander Ostrovsky. A comedy in five acts