Kamburova Theatre

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Hallucinatory concert to the music of C. Debussy, M. Ravel, G. Fauré, G. Allegri, P. Pizzigoni, and French 20th century songs, running time: 1 h 15 m, prime April 1, 2005
Ticket price range 1000—1500 rub.
Are we in a cabaret? Or is it a regular Paris café? We see four Vienna chairs, four round tables, and four girls. Each with her own temper, her own tone quality, her own style of singing. The four singers don’t just perform the works of Debussy, Ravel, Fauré, Allegri, Pizzigoni, and the French 20th century songs — they grieve and celebrate, suffer and flirt, get into fights and gossip — and each tells a story of her life. Here’s a young Paris seamstress, and there’s a languid beauty tired of her Bohemian life, and there’s a little flower girl — and here the four voices come together, like the notes of sage, camomile, melissa and mint come together in absinthe. The legendary absinthe, the forbidden drink, the magic potion, a dangerous hallucinogen, the inspirer of great paintings and immortal poems is no more than a symbol here. The true magic in this case comes not from the drink, but from singing. Listening to it, it’s really and truly possible to fall into euphoria.

The stage production was a laureate of the Ohrid Summer Festival 2006 in the Republic of Macedonia. For the first time in festival’s history, the Best Female Lead prize was given to four actresses simultaneously.

The stage production additionally received the prize of the 2nd National Festival Musical Heart of the Theater in the Best Lighting Design category.

Characters and Cast

  • Singers:
  •  Elena VeremeenkoAnna KomovaNadezhda GulitskayaAliona ParfenovaTatyana Pykhonina
  • Musicians:
  •  Oleg SinkinVyacheslav GolikovLada MorozovaTatyana MaslennikovaTimur VorotnikovYevgeny AltudinPeter BugrimenkoNataliya AbramovaElizabeth Bugrimenko