Kamburova Theatre

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Concert without words, running time: 1 h 20 m, prime October 14, 2008
Ticket price range 900—1500 rub.
  • Stage direction and stage design — Ivan Popovski
  • Costume designer — Irina Yutanina
  • Musical director and arranger — Oleg Sinkin
  • Artistic and structural concept of stage scenery — Konstantin Lebedev
  • Lighting designer — Vladislav Frolov
  • Sound director — Vyacheslav Kalika, Andrey Mironovich
  • Video recording — Igor Ovchinnikov
No, it isn’t true, it’s not a concert. Yes, it is true — you won’t hear a single word in this hour and a half. But every inch of the acting space will be full of sound. Four beautiful female voices. Four great composers — Antonio Vivaldi, Joseph Haydn, Petr Tchaikovsky, Astor Piazzolla. Four musical eras. Four countries. Four seasons. Four elements — music, drama, stage design and visual effects. A magic production, a stream of theater attractions, enchanting and surreally beautiful — this is what the theater critics wrote about this stage production. The musicians and singers don’t just play and sing here — together with the other creators of this performance they turn sound into light and voice into movement right in front of our eyes. They literally draw music — and it’s impossible to look away from this spectacle.

Stage director Ivan Popovski was awarded the Crystal Turandot prize and the National prize Musical Heart of the Theater for the FOUR… SEASONS… production. Together with the actors, he was also awarded the Moscow Prize for Literature and Art.

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