Victory. Requiem
Kamburova Theatre

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Running time: 1 h 40 m, prime May 11, 2015
Ticket price range 1100—1500 rub.
  • Director — Ivan Popovski
  • Scenographer — Nina Klimovskaya
  • Musical arranger — Oleg Sinkin, Alexander Marchenko
  • Musical director — Oleg Sinkin
The men are gone. The women are left behind. The world is fractured. Everything that was before the war is remembered now as faraway irretrievable youth. Ahead are the battles, the endless waiting, the pain, the despair, the hope, the joy of return and the tears for those who will never come back. In accordance with the authors’ idea, only women come on stage — singers, actresses, musicians (the female part of the theater company). They perform pre-war, war-time, and post-war songs, about battles and losses, short meetings and long separations, faithfulness and love. All of these melodies, both the popular and the uncommon, almost forgotten, ones, have been given a new sound, rearranged specially for the performance. We will also hear the fragments of the real letters written from the war front by those, who went away to protect their mothers, wives, sisters, lovers — and their homeland.

Characters and Cast

  • Actor
  • Singers:
  •  Elena VeremeenkoNadezhda GulitskayaJulia ZybtsevaElena KamburovaAnna KomovaEvgeniya KurovaAliona ParfenovaTatyana PykhoninaViktoriya Tikhomirova
  • Musicians:
  •  Nataliya AbramovaTatyana MaslennikovaLada MorozovaYelena Slobodchikova