Drops of the Danish king
Kamburova Theatre

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Dedication to Bulat Okudzhava, running time: 1 h 40 m, prime May 9, 2003
Ticket price range 1000—1800 rub.
  • Idea — Elena Kamburova
  • Libretto — Yuri Sokolov
  • Director — Ivan Popovski
  • Costume designer — Irina Yutanina
“A wise man once said: if you walk for a long time not knowing where you go, don’t be surprised if in the end you come to nowhere. Today you were going to the theater, but ended up on a guest visit,” the actors tell the audience in the beginning of the stage production. Admittedly, the term “stage production” doesn’t quite fit the Drops of the Danish King. At Elena Kamburova’s Theater, songs form the foundation of every dramatic performance, and the Drops are no exception. The audience is seated around the laid-out table, the actors sit down across from them, lift their hands as if in prayer, and begin to sing The Grapeseed. Drops of the Danish King is an evening of recollections about Bulat Okudzhava, a small, almost intimate event. The fragments of the bard’s autobiography are read with such expression as if all of the present are somehow his relatives. The songs, familiar from childhood, are complemented by small dramatizations: the actors pose in unison In Front of Pushkin, march to the song About paper soldier and pass between themselves the toy Moscow ant. Towards the end, the audience begins to actively sing along, while some people secretly wipe away their tears, because the Theater of Music and Poetry creates a true feeling of home: and when the actors begin to sing the Guards of Love, you feel as if it’s a song about you, and eternal April is outside, and it’s your turn to be on guard.
Yulia Malkova, Teatralnaya Afisha/Theatrical Playbill

Characters and Cast

  • Master of ceremoniesAleksander BordukovAleksander EremeevOleg Sinkin
  • Singers:
  •  Elena VeremeenkoAndrey ZverevAnna KomovaYulia MikheevaViktoriya TikhomirovaAleksander KoltsovYuri Tsenderovskiy
  • Musicians:
  •  Oleg SinkinVyacheslav Golikov
  • Musical directorOleg Sinkin
  • Choir masterElena Pronina