Vera Kamyshnikova

For many years, Vera has been a speech trainer, consultant and assistant to stage directors of many of Workshop’s productions.

  • Education
  • 1978-1982 — Samara State Institute of Culture
  • 1984-1986 — graduate school of Russian Theater Academy, stage speech department

While still at Samara, she taught speech training at Samara State Institute of Culture, and after moving to Moscow she joined the Russian Theater Academy staff, and works with the leading lecturers, doing speech training for their student groups.

Vera has done a number of speech training workshops in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and England.

Her collaboration with Fomenko Workshop Theater began in 1994, when she was helping the young “founding members” to master the large stage of Paris’ Odéon theater for the performance of “Balaganchik“.

She has directed the „Procession” stage production based on Joseph Brodsky’s works at the Theater Art Studio headed by Sergei Zhenovach.



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